Why Arrazola?

Although the history of the wooden Alebrijes began with Manuel Jimenez in San Antonio Arrazola, the place is rather unknown and is not immediately associated with Alebrijes. We would like to change that!

The Hacienda of Arrazola, Oaxaca
The village of Arrazola was created with the founding of this hacienda, which once produced sugar, brandy and cheese. Today the hacienda is empty. Attempts to build a hotel or apartments from it failed because of the resistance of the inhabitants.

Around 70 percent of the families in Arrazola live from the production and sale of the imaginatively designed figures. However, due to the political situation and the well-established tourism models, the village about 14 kilometers away from Oaxaca City receives little attention. 

But with its location at the foot of Monte Albán, adventurous Alebrijes creations and colorful walls, Arrazola is truly a place of art & inspiration and definitely worth a trip!