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Lovely hosts.

Armando, Antonia & Ale

For over 30 years I have carved Alebrijes from Copal wood. It was my grandfather Manuel Jiménez who became famous around 1980 with his wooden Alebrijes. In the beginning I painted my figures myself, but now my wife Antonia can do it much better than me! Also our son Alejandro already developed his own style and enjoys international fame.
With the help of Katrin & Cesar we want to welcome more people to Arrazola and inspire them for our way of expressing emotions through the Alebrijes art.


Already as a child at school in Mexico City I made Alebrijes out of toilet paper rolls and painted them. But at that time I didn’t know what significance this colourful craft would have in my life. What fascinates me most about the Alebrijes from Oaxaca are the people who make them! With our tour to Arrazola we want to create an intercultural exchange and give more people the opportunity to dive into the life of the Alebrijes artists from Oaxaca for a few hours. 


Katrin from Paint your Alebrije in Arrazola, Oaxaca

Love and my thirst for adventure led me from Hamburg, Germany to Mexico in 2017. With the move to Oaxaca I discovered my passion for Alebrijes, the colorful fantasy animals. By chance, we landed in the Alebrijes village of Arrazola and couldn’t get out of our amazement. So much passion, creativity, and talent that one goosebump followed the next. It was clear to me that the Alebrijes would accompany us for a while! It is close to my heart to make this beautifully playful Mexican handicraft better known internationally! Our “Paint your alebrije” tour is a beginning. 

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Carved wooden animal of your choice, brushes & colors.

Paint your alebrije: Chose your "spirit animal"
Photo by Conrad Gees

Become creative yourself and paint your own Alebrije under the expert supervision of Antonias. Choose your “spirit animal” from different wooden animals and paint it individually in your favorite colors. No fear, even without great experience in drawing and painting beautiful souvenirs and memories arise. 

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Transport from Oaxaca City to San Antonio Arrazola.

Paint your Alebrije: Meetingpoint is in front of the Santo Domingo Church!

From Oaxaca City, you can drive comfortably in our private car to Arrazola, about 14 kilometers away. We meet you in the center of Oaxaca, opposite the Santo Domingo church. Unless otherwise requested, the tour also ends here.

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Small groups.

A maximum of 4 people can participate in our tour (unless otherwise agreed). 

English speaking guides. 

We offer our tour in Spanish, English, and German. Armando and his family will explain the production process of the Alebrijes in Spanish; Katrin and Cesar translate into English. 

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Learn all about the elaborate creation process of the Alebrijes.

Armando Jimenez studying the wood!
Photo by Conrad Gees

Armando and his family welcome you to their workshop, which is also their home, and show you everything about the process of creating the Alebrijes: from carving the wooden figures with machetes and knives, to mixing natural colours from local fruits, minerals and insects, to painting the figures in traditional design with acrylic paints.

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Customized tours.

Your group is larger than four people? You can only at a special time? The meeting point is not ideal for you and you would rather be picked up? Whatever it is, just let us know and we will find the right solution for you!

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