Get your DIY Paint your Alebrije kit


We love Alebrijes, the colorful wooden carved fantasy animals from Oaxaca, Mexico! That’s why we offer you an extraordinary experience:

Come with us to Arrazola, where the history of the wooden Alebrijes began, immerse yourself for a few hours in the life of a typical Oaxacan craft family, learn everything about the creation process of the colorful creatures and paint your own Alebrije under expert supervision!


Paint your Alenrije: What we offer!
Paint your alebrije Oaxaca: Herzliche & erfahrene GastgeberLovely hosts.
Pinsel und Farben

Carved wooden animal of your choice, brushes & colors.


Transport from Oaxaca City to San Antonio Arrazola.

Verstehe das Kunsthandwerk

Learn about the complex creation process of the Alebrijes.

Kleine Gruppen

Small groups.

Spanisch, Englisch & Deutsch

English and German-speaking guides.

Paint your Alebrije: Join us to Arrazola!
Map of San Antonio Arrazola, Oaxaca



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